The economy is having a love affair with Valentine’s Day.

The National Retail Federation reports love-struck folks around this great nation of ours will cough up a whopping $17.3 billion in presents this Valentine’s Day.

Man, That’s a Lot of Cash

On average, a person will spend $133.91 on presents (although sometimes it can be more -- way more). That’s about three dollars more than last year. Men will fork over $108.38, which is more than twice the amount women will pony up (they’ll spend an average of $49.41).

I Love You, But I’m Not in Love With You

And don’t think Valentine’s Day is solely for romance. Nearly 60% will also buy presents for relatives, while friends (21.7%), teachers (20.4%), pets (19.4%) and co-workers (12.1%) will also be recognized.

Where Is the Love?

About 54% of people in the US will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a slight dip from the 60% who did so in 2013.

Wearing Our Cards on Our Sleeves

So, what exactly will people buy for their special someone? Aside from a card (51.2% will buy one), greeting cards will be a big ticket item. And while jewelry isn’t the most purchased goodie, spending on it will reach $3.9 billion. Here are the items that people will purchase, along with the percentage of people who plan to buy them:

  • Greeting card - 51.2%
  • Candy – 48.7%
  • Flowers – 37.3%
  • A night out – 37%
  • Jewelry - 19%
  • Clothes – 15.8%
  • Gift card – 14%

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