Warning: Graphic imagery. Discretion is advised.

A 32-year-old man named Philando Castile died after being shot by a police officer in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. In a graphic video initially posted to Facebook's live-streaming service, his girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, is shown interacting with the police officer as Castile sits in the driver's seat of their car bleeding profusely.

Castile and Reynolds had been pulled over due to a broken taillight. Reynolds claims that Castile was reaching for his driver's license, which the officer had requested, just before he was shot four times. Castile had apparently informed the officer that he had a concealed-carry permit and that there was a firearm in the car.

“I told him not to reach for it," the officer can be heard saying as he continues pointing his weapon inside the vehicle. "I told him to get his hand out.”

“You told him to get his I.D., sir. His driver’s license," Reynolds replies.

The identity of the officer has not yet been revealed, though a police spokesperson said that he had been placed on administrative leave.

Reynolds' 4-year-old daughter was also in the car at the time. Late in the above video, she is seen consoling her mother, who says, "Please don't tell me my boyfriend is gone."

The incident occurred shortly after a controversial event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, earlier this week in which a white police officer fatally shot 37-year-old Alton Sterling, who, like Philando Castile, was black. Castile was a cafeteria supervisor at a local Montessori school. His 33rd birthday would have been next Friday. His family provided Minnesota's WCCO with this photograph:

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