WARNING: Graphic footage and language

Rakeiya Scott, the wife of the man killed by police in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday, has released a cell-phone video of the incident that she filmed. On the footage, taken from nearby the incident, does not show the actual moment that her husband, Keith Lamont Scott, was shot, but it does reveal the moments before and the immediate aftermath, with Scott on the ground surrounded by officers.

At first, Rakeiya Scott can be heard demanding that officers not shoot her husband, saying that he doesn't have a gun. Then, once shots are fired, she is heard yelling, "He better not be dead" and "He better live!"

The video does not show that Keith Scott had a gun, as the police insist, but it also does not definitively show that he was unarmed, as his family has stated. There are two other videos of the incident, both recorded by police. Those have not been released publicly, though, because they may jeopardize the ongoing investigation, according to Charlotte's police chief.

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