In this age of multi-tasking we all eat behind the wheel.

New Jersey is considering a bill in which drivers could be ticketed for eating while on the road (other potential distractions, such as drinking, putting on makeup and reading would also be included) in a bid to crack down on distracted driving.

Eating while driving is as double-barreled activity that a plurality of motorists do each day. Why, the entire concept of a drive-thru is based on it because while some people may put their bag of food on the passenger seat and not eat until they get home, there are plenty who dip their hands into the bag and help themselves to at least a few fries.

Eating while driving can be tricky business. Some foods are easier than others to scarf down while you maintain your lane, but some are clearly meant to be enjoyed while you're sitting in a seat that does not have a steering wheel right in front of your belly.

And that got us wondering: what is the toughest food to eat while driving? Certainly, the list of foods we can debate is infinite, so we'll try to keep it to a more select list. Is it the classic drive-thru burger? What about pizza? Surely, tacos are a complete disaster waiting to be turned into a five-car pileup? How about chips? Candy is hardly an all-encompassing answer because some may be easy (you can simply hold any candy bar), while others may challenge you (good luck pouring out Skittles onto your hand without spilling them or crashing into a tree).

The choices we provide do not represent all of the cuisine out there, but consider it a starting point. Now, go eat something so your belly can be satisfied and you have a clear head while you answer for yourself.

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