It can be difficult to decide what to do with your pets when you go on vacation. Here are some suggestions for how to take care of your beloved animal friends when you head off for a summer getaway:

Dog Kennels

A great choice for dogs who are sociable and friendly is a dog kennel. Your pooch will be looked after by experienced animal lovers, and you can enjoy your vacation with the knowledge that your pet will be cared for properly.

It can be especially useful to ask for recommendations from other dog owners or your vet. Be sure to visit kennels before leaving your dog with them for an extended period of time. Find out how often they will be walked, what food they will eat, and the cost. Look for kennels in your area here.

Pet Sitters

A pet sitter can be a good alternative if there are no kennels available in your area, and pet sitters handle more than just dogs. Pet sitters can be friends, relatives or even a professional service.

One of the big advantages of pet sitter is that your dog or cat will feel comfortable remaining at home in a familiar environment. This is a huge help if your pet is of a nervous disposition.

If you do go for this option, familiarize your dog or cat with the sitter by bringing along the sitter when you walk the dog, for example, or feed your cat. Be sure to compensate your pet sitter—even if he's a close relative—and maybe even bring him a souvenir from your travels.

Bring Them Along!

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your pet at home, it can sometimes be possible to bring your pet on vacation with you. Some hotels welcome pets to stay, so it can be worth checking out some options before you go. Be sure to check that your pet is suited to travel, as some pets may not be suited to travel due to temperament or illness.

Pet Hotels: For Pets With Class

Pet hotels are like upmarket kennels for those who wish their pets to be pampered and well looked after. Though more expensive than the average pet-boarding service, your pet is sure to love staying at these plush hotels while you enjoy your vacation. You can find pet hotels in your area here.

Safe travels!