Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which means your doorbell may start ringing a lot earlier than it does when the holiday takes place during the week.

Most years, Halloween lands Monday through Friday and the legions of trick-or-treaters don't usually start canvasing houses looking for all that sugary-filled goodness to line their plastic jack-o'-lanterns until the early evening. But without school getting in the way, children can begin the hunt for their beloved candy at any time.

All of which begs the question: when is it okay to start trick-or-treating when Halloween is on a Saturday? Sunrise? Nine a.m.? Noon? Dusk? There is no set rule. Maybe you don't mind being awakened from your slumber to find an adorable kid dressed as Dracula begging for fun size Milky Ways. Or, conversely, maybe you want to spend the day watching college football and you're none too pleased having to get off your couch every five minutes to greet some pre-teen at your door asking for a Butterfinger.

It's an interesting argument. So, tell us, when should people begin trick-or-treating when Halloween is on a Saturday?

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