A woman whose husband died in a car accident is upset for a reason you may find hard to believe.

Two teenage boys, ages 15 and 16, were involved in the Sarasota, Fla. crash that claimed the life of Robert Drewelus last week after the boys, driving in a Volvo, smashed into a tanker driven by Drewelus, causing his truck to go up in flames

After the accident, the 15-year-old passenger took a photo with him smiling in front of the wrecked Volvo and then posted it on Instagram. And that has enraged Drewelus's widow, Elsie Nieves-Drewelus, who called the picture "distasteful":

I'm infuriated, I'm disgusted by it. I am angry cause meanwhile they are posting pictures on social media thinking it's funny, my husband what was left of him is being cremated."

Both teenagers were later arrested and the photo has since been removed from the internet.

That is little comfort to Nieves-Drewelus, who says she's stunned by the teens showing "no type of remorse." She said, "They didn't have the decency to at least to pull over and call 911. At least I would have known that they made some kind of effort. No.  They just left him like you leave an animal on the side of the road which was not fair.  Even if he had already passed, at least they could have pulled him out and he wouldn't had to burn."

Nieves-Drewelus also said she will wonder if there was a chance her husband's life could've been saved if the boys had made an effort to save him.