With the holidays coming faster than Santa cruising through the night sky dropping off presents, you may be thinking about hopping on a place to visit some loved ones. Hopefully, you won't find yourself sitting near these trouble-makers.

A new Expedia survey of more than 1,000 Americans has found the most offensive passengers on a plane. Coming in at number one smoother than the landing from Tulsa to Kansas City on a rain-slicked night is...the seat-kicker. Yup, that man or woman who uses their feet to kick your seat like they're Pele going for a hat trick. A total of 61% of respondents cited this delinquent as a major thorn in their sides during air travel.

Here's a look at the entire top 10, along with the percent of respondents who said these people are an annoyance on planes:

1. Rear Seat Kicker  - 61%
2. Inattentive Parents - 59%
3. (tie) The Aromatic Passenger - 50%
3. (tie) The Audio Insensitive (talk loudly/listens to music that can be heard by others) -  50%
5. The Boozer - 45%
6. Chatty Cathy - 43%
7. Carry-On Baggage Offenders - 38%
8. The Queue Jumper (rushes to deplane) - 35%
9. (tie) Seat-Back Guy (the seat recliner) - 32%
9. (tie) Overhead Bin Inconsiderate (stows bag in first available spot, rather than nearest to his/her seat) - 32%