Steve Harvey has clearly moved on from his Miss Universe blunder.

The comedian has gone viral with an impassioned speech about taking chances and embracing the talents we all have.

Even more surprising than the fact Harvey gave the pep talk is the fact he did it after a taping of Family Feud. All those tourists in the audience came to guess the top five answers on the board and instead found themselves listening to a lively and pointed speech about being great.

Harvey, of course, has been in the news recently for calling the wrong name at the Miss Universe pageant and has taken a beating on social media for the snafu, so he knows a thing or two about picking yourself up and enduring.

Of course, there are probably some cynics out there who think Harvey did this to boost his image after the Miss Universe mess. Whatever the reason, there's no denying that his words are powerful and connected with his audience -- in the studio and at home.