Forget self-parking cars -- this is the innovation we really need.

Nissan has created self-parking chairs, i.e., chairs that can move themselves back to their original positions with nothing more than a clap of the hands after people get out of them.

The automaker came up with the idea when it was working on self-parking cars.

How does it work? Wi-Fi controlled cameras that can detect movement are placed on the ceiling:

The room layout is pre-programmed into the system, with individual chairs assigned their own spot at the table. The chairs have been programmed to respond to the sounds of a human clap, with each chair automatically sliding back to its designated spot.

The chairs went on display last week in Japan and caught the eye of many intrigued people.

While Nissan says it hopes some company would find this technology useful, there are currently no plans to market the chairs, which means you will continue to have to endure the arduous and time-consuming task of pushing in your own chair, time which clearly limits productivity.

You can see more of the chairs at work below.