RadioPup, the music-streaming app, which features this staiton and more than 300 other local radio stations playing the best music and news available, now has a great new partner: Sonos wireless systems. Here's an easy guide for how to find radioPup and add it to your Sonos home system:

1. On your iOS or Android Sonos Controller app, tap the "Add Music Services" button:

add music services button

2. Scroll down until you see radioPup and tap it:

music services page

3. Tap the "Add Account" button and you're all set to listen to radioPup through your Sonos system:

add service page

4. On the Sonos desktop app, all the beta music services are listed under the Sonos Labs section:

Sonos labs

It's currently in a public beta mode, so if you add it to your home system, be sure to send in feedback so we can keep improving it!

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