It was a deja vu all over again for a woman who was the target of a voyeur.

Candice Spivey chased a man out of a Yulee, Fla. Target after he approached her, asking questions about her underwear and she realized he had confronted her two years ago in a supermarket to ask inappropriate questions.

Spivey, who followed the man into the parking lot, posted the NSFW encounter on Facebook where she gave a detailed rundown of what happened.

The man in question has been identified as Jeffery Polizzi, who was later arrested for reckless driving.

Polizzi has a history of improper behavior around women. In 2009 he was convicted of "taking photographs of women in dressing rooms."

Spivey is proud of how she handled this latest encounter. "If that is what you have to do to be safe and protect yourself, you do what you got to do," she said.