ISIS continues to unleash its horrific brand of terrorism around the globe, so some Muslims are fighting back.

A group called Sound Vision put up a billboard in Chicago declaring real Muslims have no tolerance for ISIS.

The group also began a Twitter campaign to spread awareness and let people know that ISIS does not represent Islam. There's even an effort to get the billboard up in other cities.

As for why the billboard was placed where it is -- on I-94 -- Leena Suleiman, a spokeswoman for Sound Vision, said it was all about getting eyeballs on it. "We wanted to choose a place that was high traffic," Suleiman said. "It's about shouting out, 'ISIS does not represent me, I'm Muslim, I say the word 'sucks,' I'm like everyone else in my country.' We want to scream it from a billboard."

The billboard has certainly raised eyebrows, with people taking to social media to discuss it, with most people supporting it -- although not everyone does.

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