America: where the streets have no (original) names.

New research has shed some light on something you probably don't think about too much -- the most common street names.

Topping the list is Park, with more than 9,600 roads bearing that moniker across this great land of ours. Ironically, Second (or 2nd) took second, with more than 8,200 locations.

10 Most Popular Street Names in America

1. Park
2. 2nd/Second
3. Oak
4. 1st/First
5. 3rd/Third
6. Maple
7. Pine
8. 4th/Fourth
9. Cedar
10. Main

Perhaps the most intriguing discovery here is that 1st/First is somehow used less often than 2nd/Second. As the Washington Post points out, "The most convincing explanation anyone has come up with so far is that in many towns the primary thoroughfare is 'Main' street instead of '1st' street."

All of these names evoke a certain sense of Americana, but times are always changing, so how long before there's a Kardashian Way, LeBron Boulvevard or Instagram Avenue?

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