Protesting college students following the lead of their 1960s counterparts are finding out it's not so easy to get what you want.

Keely Mullen, a student at Northeastern University and one of the organizers of the Million Student March, which seeks free tuition for college, the removal of student debt and a $15 minimum wage for campus workers, is helping to spearhead the effort.

She tried to explain herself during an interview Thursday with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business. It didn't go well.

Cavuto quickly and fiercely poked holes in her plan right from the get-go when he asked who'd pay for all these changes. When she said the country's "one percent" should cough up the money, it got even uglier.

The Q&A quickly went viral, as Mullen struggled to find her footing.

What do you think? Did Cavuto go out of his way to make Mullen look dumb? Does he have an agenda? Was Mullen in way over her head? Do the students have valid complaints?