Disturbing video has emerged of a contractor with an energy company beating dogs with a pipe wrench while working at a home.

The incident took place March 23 at a Houston residence and was caught by a surveillance camera. The family who lives at the home was inside at the time when a meter reader for CenterPoint Energy attacked the animals. Please note the sensitive and graphic nature of the video.

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Homeowner Mike Willcox said the family's 8-year-old Weimaraner bird dog, Flash, will undergo surgery Friday after suffering a swollen jaw, a concussion and a bloody cut near his eye."

Willcox went outside to confront the reader. He also says there wasn't an appointment with the company and the reader arrived without any notice:

I told him to stop swinging his wrench at my dog and he said, 'If they come at me, I can swing if I want. I'm going to swing it again if they come at me."

CenterPoint released a statement on the matter, saying, in part:

We have determined that a CenterPoint Energy contractor was at this address on this date. CenterPoint Energy does not condone or tolerate abuse of animals by our employees or our contractors. We have notified the contract company and they have assured us that they will conduct a full investigation into the incident."

The family says their other dog is having respiratory issues. All told, they say they're facing about $2,000 in veterinary bills.

Interestingly, the company which employs the meter reader says the family knew the man was at their house and sent the dogs out to him after they learned he was on the premises to turn off their service. The employee has been suspended until an investigation is finished.