Making a joke out of the Twin Towers falling in a commercial is not sitting well with people.

San Antonio-based Miracle Mattress has caught a lot of flak for airing a "Twin Towers" commercial to promote a sale in honor of the September 11 attacks, the latest stunt to use that day to drum up business. Not only is the company trying to capitalize on the tragic events of that day, but the spot in question also tries to be funny.

Jenee Lewis shared the commercial with KSAT and said, "I watched it and it just instantly just struck a nerve. It really upset me. I felt like people really need to know that this is not okay. It hurts. That was an attack against her country, and it hurts my heart for the people who perished and the families that had to go through that."

The comments on Facebook blasted Miracle Mattress for making a crass ad. The company's owner was quick to do damage control and even invited people to discuss the matter in a separate post.

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