The United States Coast Guard is searching for a Brazilian man who fell off a Royal Caribbean cruise early Friday morning close to the Turks and Caicos islands.

The shocking incident was captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube, but has since been removed, although you can see some footage in the above news report, including the moment the man falls into the water. Please note the graphic nature of the clip.

CBS Miami reports the man was aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, which is in  the middle of a week-long trip through the Caribbean:

According to the cruise line, the 35-year old man from Brazil was spotted by crew members intentionally jumping from the seventh deck of the 1,100-foot ship to a lifeboat below around 1 a.m. It’s unclear if he missed the raft or if he landed on it but somehow he ended up on a davit which is used to raise and lower the raft.

In the video, the man is screaming to not be touched and "Because of you, this happened...I'm not going anywhere...Let go of me! Get off of me!" It's not clear who he's referring to while talking.


The cruise ship stayed to look for him, while two other smaller boats also tried to find him.

It's not fully clear at this time if the man jumped into the water of his own accord or if he accidentally fell in, although a spokesman for the cruise line said, "He was spotted by Oasis of the Seas crew members intentionally going over the side of the ship."