Ohio Governor John Kasich is going to have work harder to win the New York vote.

While in New York City earlier this week, Kasich, a Republican who trails Donald Trump in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, was caught eating pizza with a fork.

It doesn't matter what his stance on the economy, foreign policy or healthcare may be -- this is an act that has cost him in the twittersphere.

Kasich himself has been able to laugh off the "scandal."

If anything, this might be good publicity in a campaign that has been dominated by Trump and his seemingly daily quotes that get people whipped into a frenzy. And, speaking of Trump, let the record show that he, too, was once busted eating pizza with a fork, which should be considered more of a travesty since he's from New York.

Hey, it could be worse. These guys could be eating Snickers with a fork: