The coolest innovation we've seen in a long time may soon be here.

No, we're not talking about ordering dinner at Pizza Hut.

A company called HUVrTech unveiled a working hoverboard called HUVr last month in Los Angeles. To show it means business, the company got a slew of celebrities, including skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens and 'Back to the Future' star Christopher Lloyd and to show up and lend some credibility.

Lloyd, of course, played Dr. Emmitt Brown in the 'Back to the Future' series, the second installment of which featured the now-legendary hoverboard chase scene:

Of course, there's always the possibility this is a hoax and Jimmy Kimmel is laughing it up until he decides to clue us in. Thanks, Jimmy, for making us second guess anything now that seems cool or unusual.

Assuming the HUVr is legit, though, there's no word on how much it will cost. The website also clues us in when it may be available, with a 'destination time' specified of December.

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