It's winter, which means snow is coming like an unwanted dinner guest -- and may stay just as long.

With Winter Storm Jonas on the horizon, the Weather Channel has put together a short video reminding people of the dos and don'ts of snowstorm survival.

Some are pretty obvious: don't drive on ice- and snow-covered roads. You don't need a Ph.D. to know that, right? But keeping a shovel and other supplies in case you get stuck in your car are good reminders that sometimes preparation is essential.

And if you're freaked out about just how much of the white stuff you should be expecting, you may be wise to download NOAA Snow Forecast, an app that can accurately gauge how much snow will fall in your specific neighborhood. It's available for iPhone and Google Play.

Should you decide to venture out in the snow, you should also think about Honk, an "on-demand automotive assistance app" that doesn't require a monthly fee, so it should appeal to anyone not enrolled in AAA. You can find it on iPhone and Google Play.

What do you think is the most important do and don't when it comes to braving a winter storm? Having a sturdy shovel? Stocking up on salt? Making sure you have the best mug for hot chocolate?