A Florida woman outspoken about her right to bear arms has found herself at the center of a most ironic situation.

Jamie Gilt, 31, a woman from Jacksonville, Fla., who ran a Facebook page supporting gun rights, was shot by her four-year-old son in her pickup truck on Tuesday.

The boy reportedly pulled the trigger while he was in the backseat as Gilt drove along a highway to pick up a horse. Authorities later spotted her in the middle of the road.

A police spokesman said, "She was shot through the seat and the round went through her back." The son was also not strapped into his booster seat at the time of the shooting.

Gilt is in stable condition, while the boy was sent to stay with other relatives.

Gilt, who was shot with a .45, could face legal action for letting her child have access to a firearm. Police and the Florida Department of Children and Family Services are investigating.

The story has drawn attention to the issue of control, with many people posting comments -- since removed -- about what happened.