Thin mints. Thinner wallets.

That may be the sad reality of your finances after hearing this.

The price of Girl Scout cookies in several states will jump to $5 a box, up from $4.

Jan Goldstein, who serves as chief marketing officer for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, explained why the organization went ahead with its first price hike in eight years:

The number one factor was us hearing feedback from adult volunteers that girls had such a great experience selling cookies, but they weren't earning enough money from them."

The move is being done so troops will get 90 cents for each box sold, an increase from the 62 cents they currently receive. Nearly three-quarters of all money taken in from cookie sales to troops. The rest goes to the bakers.

Massachusetts, California and Hawaii are the first states to introduce the price hike, although not every troop is expected to follow suit and it will be interesting to see if sales dip as a result of troops who do raise the cost of the cookies.

But with prices looming, it just goes to prove that old saying -- Samoa money, Samoa problems. Sorry -- we couldn't resist.

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