Freedom of speech may have its limits.

Gilford, New Hampshire resident William Baer was arrested on disorderly conduct charges earlier this week after he continued to speak at a school board meeting even thought his allotted two minutes to talk were over.

Baer, who says his First Amendment rights were violated, was upset because his 14-year-old daughter had been assigned to read the book 'Nineteen Minutes,' by Jodi Picoult, which has a graphic sex scene.

"We went into the police station, went through the booking process, and I sat there like a criminal," said Baer.

A police spokesman said Baer exhibited poor behavior, noting, "He spoke out of order. Someone else was given the floor and was speaking. He interrupted them and continued after being asked to stop. He was then asked to leave and refused to leave unless he was arrested, so he was arrested."

Baer, though, says two minutes is an insulting policy, "It was basically, you make a statement, say what you want and sit down. Sit down and shut up, basically, and that's not how you interact with adults."


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