There's finally a way to combat one of the nasty ways the blustery winter weather wreaks havoc on us when the temperature drops.

YouTuber Mark Rober has done the world a much-needed public service by figuring out the fastest way to defog your car. If you live in a cold weather region, you know just how annoying this can be. Sure, the inside of your vehicle may be roasty toasty, but it often comes at the expense of fog filling it so much you could be forgiven for thinking you've somehow driven to the Scottish Highlands on only one tank of gas.

Rober breaks down the logic behind his conclusions and presents them in four steps (if you want to skip all the science-y gobbledy-gook, just skip ahead to the 3:30 mark).

What do you think? Does Rober make sense or do you have your own trick for making the fog disappear?

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