The standoff in Oregon that has captured headlines may be serious business, but not all of the response are.

Late last month, Jon Ritzheimer was one of the men who took over a building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to protest what they consider is an abuse of power by the federal government. Before he left, he made a video for his kids explaining what he was doing.

Ritzheimer may have never imagined his words would become internet gold, with the hashtag #daddysworeanoath taking off in a series of video mocking him. John Darnielle, who leads the band the Mountain Goats, offered up his parody and soon lots of "dads" followed suit.

Considering the protesters (it's unclear just how many of them there are), who go by the name Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, have no plans to leave until they get their way, they may have some time on their hands and can watch these clips to help pass the time.

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