Tensions between black citizens and while police officers, already seemingly at a fever pitch, may continue to rise in the wake of a new video in which cops in South Carolina perform a body cavity search during a traffic stop.

The Washington Post has published video of the encounter, which took place in 2014.

The whole incident unfolded after Officer Chris Medlin of the Aiken Department of Public Safety stopped a car being driven by Lakeya Hicks and Elijah Pontoon. Hicks owned the car and Medlin claimed he stopped them because of a paper tag on the vehicle, which, as the Post points out, is not a crime.

After the license and tags checked out, Medlin demanded Hicks and Pontoon step out of the car and two male officers, as well as a female officer joined the fray, as did a police dog who searched the vehicle.

Medlin, who called Pontoon "boy," told him they're looking in the car because he has a criminal record. There was reportedly a search of Hicks' breast on the side of the road before Medlin checked Pontoon's rectum. That is not seen on camera, but there is audio to indicate what is taking place.

Pontoon tried to explain he has a hemorrhoid, but Medlin had trouble believing it. No illegal substance was ever found, the couple was let go and Medlin eventually called his superiors to explain what transpired.

Pontoon and Hicks have now filed a lawsuit over the whole matter. You can see an edited portion of the video below, but please note its graphic nature.