Eat a lot of green to win a lot of green.

Major League Eating -- the same organization that puts on hot dog eating contests -- is breaking into the healthy food competitive consumption biz when it hosts a kale eating contest this Saturday at the Taste of Buffalo.

Yup, there's nothing like those kale-free days of summer, right? Forget watermelon, ice cream trucks and cookouts -- kale is bound to become the food of the season.

Bragging rights won't be the only thing on the line, either. Called Kale Yeah!, participants will gobble up as much kale as possible in eight minutes, with the first place finisher taking home $2,000. There will be a total of $4,000 in prizes, which means competing will be as good for your wallet as it will be for your digestive system.

Of course, if the thought of chowing down on so much healthy food turns your stomach, you can always do your best to try and become the best competitive hot dog eater around.

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