Not content to Crest on its laurels, the toothpaste business is taking Aim at an Aquafresh idea.

Bad jokes aside, there is a new toothpaste made that wants to help you get up and go in the morning -- a sort of Gatorade for the oral hygiene crowd.

It's called Power Toothpaste and its Indiegogo page, where you can help raise funds, says it "is the world’s first caffeine-infused toothpaste that gives you a rush while you brush" (in case the Ruggie doesn't do the trick).

The toothpaste claims it "increases focus and alertness, without the crash," "blasts away the morning fog in minutes" and "beats plaque and tartar buildup like the leading brands."

Power Toothpaste CEO Dan Meropol tells Business Insider:

The oral care experience is a drag. Nobody enjoys brushing their teeth. It's something we do because we are told we have to...I realized this new kind of toothpaste was something that could make brushing your teeth an exciting and irreplaceable part of the morning routine."

A tube of Power, which goes for about $15, is good for 90 brushes (assuming you brush twice a day, that can carry you about a month-and-a-half) with about 80 milligrams of caffeine per brushing. One brushing is roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee, with the added benefit your teeth won't be brown after brushing.

Meropol doesn't see his product spelling doom and gloom for the coffee industry, though. "I don't expect people to completely eliminate coffee from their diets when they start brushing with Power," he says. "Power Toothpaste merely offers a quicker-acting, more convenient alternative to those times in the day when coffee isn't the best or most realistic option."

And it's minty, which any toothpaste worth its cavity fighting stripes should be.