Whether you're conservative or liberal, there's one thing you can agree on: this video is filled with drama.

A woman got into a heated debate about food stamps with a man while they were on line at Walmart. In the clip, which features some NSFW language, the woman argues his ability to pay for food comes out of her her tax dollars.

The man, who has a child in tow, tries to defend himself, by saying he works hard and encourages her to contact her local congressman. The exchange is testy, to put it mildly, and regardless of what side of the argument you find yourself on, it's hard to defend the choice of language employs in the presence of children.

According to the video description, the debate began, "by her saying to her son, 'See this is why you go to college so you don't take handouts."

It's unclear if anything happened after the video ended or if both parties simply went their separate ways.