Kids -- they're the future and we need to be careful how we raise them. But are we being too careful?

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has renewed the debate over whether we're coddling our children when he posted a photo on Instagram, declaring he was taking away his children's participation trophies, along with an explanation.

Harrison knows a thing or two about not simply being handed anything. As an undrafted player, he had to fight and earn his way into the NFL.

Harrison is not alone in his thinking. Jim Vance, an anchor with NBC in Washington, D.C., called giving a participation trophy "child abuse":

Still, there's a school of thought that says kids deserve to be recognized simply for trying. The idea is that these are kids and the focus should be on giving it their all and having fun.

So, where do you stand on this issue. Are participation trophies a bad idea or are they harmless ways to congratulate kids on giving a solid effort?

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