The weather may be nice, but the people of this city sure aren't.

Travel + Leisure has come out with a list of America's rudest cities and the top spot will surprise you: Miami -- home of sun, South Beach and The Golden Girls.

One blogger summed up the city by saying, “It's hot here — like, all the time. The kind of heat that makes you just want to blame someone."

Speaking of hot, Phoenix took second place, while last year's rudest city, New York, dipped to third.

If you're looking for a metropolis where people treat you with something that doesn't resemble disdain, resentment and pure rage, you'd be wise to head to San Antonio, which was named America's friendliest city (you can check out the full rankings here).

The list was generated by respondents answering questions in a variety of categories.

America's Rudest Cities

1. Miami
2. Phoenix
3. New York City
4. Los Angeles
5. Philadelphia
6. Salt Lake City
7. Boston
8. Dallas
9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
10. Ann Arbor, Michigan
11. Detroit
12. Las Vegas
13. Providence, Rhode Island
14. Charlotte, North Carolina
15. Scottsdale, Arizona

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