A Home Depot employee is under fire for a very controversial fashion statement that many patriots loathe.

Krystal Lake, 22, of New York's Staten Island, wore a hat that said "America was never great," a jab at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's popular "Make America Great Again" slogan. Lake sported the hat while working at Home Depot only for a photo of her in it to go viral on Wednesday.

Lake, who supports Bernie Sanders, said the hat has a message:

The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement. I don't think it's a positive message to say, "Let's look to the past.'"

Social media did not take too kindly to Lake's cap. She says she woke up Wednesday to find people attacking her on Facebook on Twitter, with some people even issuing death threats.

Home Depot claims it didn't realize she wore the hat, but would've had her remove it had someone known. That may become an issue because Lake says she will "definitely" wear it again.

Lake, who claims her co-workers have never been chastised for sporting pro-Trump paraphernalia, added, "People have been saying really racist things to me and that they're going to come and find me," she said, "and that what I said is disgraceful and I hate America -- but I don't hate America. I know there are a lot of opportunities here," Lake added. "I just wish we would worry about making America better -- not 'great again.'"

Take a look at how the twittersphere responded to the controversy and decide for yourself if she has a valid point or not: