A disturbing GRvideo of a woman being stoned to death for her actions with a man has emerged from Afghanistan.

The woman, identified as Rokhsahana, stood in a hole in the ground late last month, while men throw rocks at her until she died. The video ends before she dies.

Rokhsahana was reportedly between 19 and 21 and forced to marry an older man. She was caught trying to elope with another man and one report claims she was being punished for having sex with her fiance.

In the video, men are yelling, "Allah hu Akbar," which translates to "God is Almighty."

The stoning took place in an area of Afghanistan in the Ghor province that's under Taliban control, but it's unclear if the Taliban had a hand in her death. The video has also renewed discussion about the lack of women's rights in Afghanistan, with one female governor in the country (there's only one other) calling the scene "inhumane."