Awkward dates are as much a staple of Valentine's Day as heart-shaped chocolates, and we found four scenes from movies that'll make you feel better about even your worst V-Day date experiences.

If you’re in a relationship, starting a relationship or even if you’re wishing for a relationship, you could find yourself feeling a lot of pressure to have a perfect Valentine’s Day date. Of course, for some of us, the harder we try, the worse it goes. And for most of us, Valentine’s Day doesn’t usually turn out how we plan it.

Here are four awkward movie date moments that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day date seem like the most perfect and romantic night ever:

'Baby Mama,' the “Too Much for a First Date” Moment

'Terms of Endearment,' the “You Need a Drink” Moment

'Movie 43,' the “What the Deuce Is That on Your Neck” Moment

The “Caught It in Your Pants Zipper and Now Everyone in the Neighborhood Has Seen It” Moment

Ben Stiller zipper scene

We can't show it here (it's NSFW), but you can take a look for yourself at this link.


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