The perfect job is as elusive as Bigfoot, but, believe it or not, there are some careers out there whose pay will make you rethink your career choice.

Jobs and recruiting website Glassdoor has come out with a list of 11 jobs that pay at least $100,000. Start polishing up that resume of yours because there are some gigs on it that may raise your eyebrows.

Here's a look at the list, in no order, along with the median base salary:

1. Special agent - $121,000
2. Airline pilot - $120,000
3. Regional sales executive - $65,000 (the total median pay is $103,500)
4. Nurse practitioner - $100,000
Reservoir engineer - $125,000
6. Dentist - $125,000
Equity research associate - $85,000
 Geophysicist - $110,000
 Physician assistant - $100,000
Drilling engineer - $107,000
 Software architect - $130,000

That's some list, huh? Before you scour the net looking for jobs in those fields, you may want to get some education -- reservoir engineer and software architect are probably not the types of jobs you can score with "folded sweaters at the Gap" under your work history.

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