As we start to crawl out of our holes after a particularly cold, long winter, it’s easy to understand how the vitamin D we get from the sun’s rays can be good for us.

Because of all the health benefits that come from vitamin D, we should all consider getting more of it in our diet. And if you know a woman who is fighting breast cancer, she definitely needs to add vitamin D to her list of supplements.

Breast Cancer Survival

According to a recent report, female cancer patients with high levels of vitamin D in their blood were twice as likely to survive the disease than those who had lower levels of the nutrient. This could mean that simply adding a vitamin D supplement could help a woman double her chances of surviving breast cancer.

Fighting Disease

Breast cancer isn’t the only disease vitamin D can help fight. Having a sufficient amount of vitamin D boosts your immune system, can reduce your risk of multiple sclerosis, decrease your chances of developing heart disease, and reduce your likelihood of getting the flu.

Healthy Body Weight

Regular doses of vitamin D may also help you maintain a healthy body weight. In general, studies show that people with low levels of vitamin D in their blood are more likely to be overweight. Or if a person is of a healthy weight, but does not get enough vitamin D, he or she is more likely to gain weight or become obese.

Strong Bones

Vitamin D is also an essential nutrient for helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorous. Getting more vitamin D in your diet can lead to healthier, stronger bones and fight against osteoporosis and other bone abnormalities.

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