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What City Has the Longest Work Week in the US?

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Hey, America. You need to relax.

A new study of the 30 largest cities in the US has found which metropolis is home to the residents who work and commute the most.

We now know why New York is the city that never sleeps. It’s probably because everyone is working so late. The Big Apple topped the rankings — people there work more than 42 hours a week, while enduring the nation’s longest weekly commute at 6 hours, 18 minutes. All told, it comes out to 49.08 hours a week. Maybe the Big Apple should be called the Big Cup of Coffee to Keep Everyone Awake.

When it comes to work alone, San Francisco leads the way. People by the Bay spend more than 44 hours a week on the clock.

Here’s a look at the 10 hardest-working cities, with hours spend each week working and commuting. Results are in hours and minutes:

1. New York, NY – 42.50 work, 6.18 commute, 49.08 total
2. San Francisco, CA – 44.01 work, 4.57 commute, 48.58 total
3. Washington, DC – 43.50 work, 4.49 commute, 48.39 total
4. Houston, TX – 43.44 work, 4.33 commute, 48.18 total
5. Fort Worth, TX – 43.43 work, 4.18 commute, 48.01 total
6. Chicago, IL – 42.36 work, 5.25 commute, 48.01 total
7. Boston, MA – 42.53 work, 4.43 commute, 47.36 total
8. Charlotte, NC – 43.50 work, 3.45 commute, 47.35 total
9. Baltimore, MD – 42.34 work, 4.51 commute, 47.25 total
10. Seattle, WA – 43.17 work, 4.06 commute, 47.23 total

Curious how long it takes people in your region to get to work? Why not find out for yourself.

So, there you go. Now, stop dilly dallying and get back to work.

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