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Kathy Landin

Kathy Landin is a freelance internet pop-culture junkie (and web video producer). For a brief time in 2011, she was THIS close to being Charlie Sheen's social media intern for the summer. She's blogged for local TV stations, anonymous dating adventures and stupid advice columns. Mostly she entertains herself by practicing the fine art of idiocy, which you can watch in Kathy Landin's "I'm an Idiot" Show. Or, if you have a short attention span, get 140 characters of idiocy on Twitter.
Binge Drinking

One College Campus May Have Found the Answer to Its Binge Drinking Problem

With college campuses under more scrutiny after recent assault issues, the topic of underage and binge drinking is at the forefront. One university is finding that the best way to deal with the issue is to stop ignoring it and confront it head-on with local law enforcement, students, parents and businesses as partners.

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