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Stomach-Churning Survey Reveals Americans Eat Alone Most of the Time Because We’re a Sad, Lonely Nation [POLL]


Well, here’s something you can share with your dinner companions this evening — assuming you can find someone to break bread with you.

In news that’s so depressing it’ll make you want to grab a Hungry-Man dinner and plop it down on a tray table while you watch a ‘Big Bang Theory’ rerun, a study has found that Americans eat the majority of their meals alone.

People eat breakfast by themselves 61% of the time, while lunch (55%) and dinner (34%) are slightly less likely to be parties of one. In total, we are by our lonesome for 57% of our meals. Sure, that sounds sad, but look at the bright side — it’s much easier to get a table for one than when you’re taking out the whole family.

This development isn’t totally shocking, though, since 27% of all households are now comprised of one person, which is good because no one will see you cry into your container of chicken chow mein.

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